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First Grade


First Grade is a very busy, non-stop year of learning! By the end of the year, the children are expecting to be reading independently. They are immersed in a literature-rich environment and learn a variety of strategies to read new words. We teach them skills to learn to read with expression and fluency. We try to encourage our children to foster a love of reading. We want them to know that reading can be for fun and enjoyment!

In Math, students cover a variety of skills. We work on numbers 0-100. We go over the basic addition and subtraction facts to 18. We also work with patterns, graphing, time, money, skip counting, fractions, and position words. Problem solving skills is a major goal throughout the year, too.

Students conduct simple science experiments and begin to understand the relationships between objects and their interactions with one another in Science.

In Social Studies, students compare everyday life and traditions in different places and times. They learn about different holidays and why they are important. They also construct simple maps, locate various places, and discuss what it means to be a good friend. One of our main focal points is to teach our students what it means to be a good citizen and what is expected of good citizens, not only in the classroom, but in school, and around the world.