Public Comment Period Open: VDOE Family Life Education Curriculum Adjustments

September 11, 2023


During the 2022-2023 school year, Prince George County Physical Education and Health teachers were asked to evaluate the Virginia Department of Education Family Life Education Standards of Learning (SOLs) to determine which standards would be recommended to be taught at school and which standards would be recommended to be taught/discussed at home by parents/guardians.

In June 2023, the division’s Instructional Services Department met to further evaluate the Family Life standards and consider the recommendations from the Physical Education and Health teachers. 

During this meeting, these standards were categorized as either recommended for being appropriate for school instruction or recommended to be discussed at home by parents/guardians. 

These were compiled into the document being provided for public review with:

  • Green Font: Recommended to be discussed at home.
  • Black Font:  Recommended to be taught at school.

Public Comment Period

As part of this process, the district’s Instructional Services Department is seeking stakeholder input. These materials will be available for public review beginning Monday, September 11, 2023, through Friday, September 29, 2023, at the following locations:

    • All PGCPS school libraries during regular school hours. 
      • Visitors will need to follow the school’s sign-in procedures prior to being escorted to the library
    • Digitally within this article via the included PDF document.
      • Click HERE or the link at the bottom to access the document

Submitting Comments

Parents/guardians choosing to review the material have the opportunity to provide feedback via an online form or paper questionnaire available in each school’s library.


Parents/guardians will continue to have an option to opt their child(ren) out of Family Life Education. Opt-out forms will only include the standards identified to be taught at school and will be sent home after the standards have been finalized and prior to Family Life Instruction. 

Additionally, both sets of standards (at-home and at-school) will be available for review in each school’s library throughout the school year.